Our Vision “Empowerment”


Sindhi Community is an internally displaced community.  To get independence from British Empire, we had to pay a heavy price. India was partitioned on communal lines. The un-divided India was separated into three parts. In the Eastern part, East Pakistan was created & in the North, the current Pakistan was created. Due to Partition majority of Hindus residing in Both Pakistan had to migrate to various parts of India to survive. They became refugee in their own country. But out of all Hindus the people belonging to Sindh Province of undivided India had to suffer most as those who migrated from East Pakistan were mostly Bengali Speaking Hindus & they easily got settled in West Bengal & from northern side those who migrated were either Sindhis from Sindh province or Punjabi from Punjab province. The Punjabi who migrated from Pakistan easily got settled on Indian Side of Punjab. But the Sindhi’s who had to migrate couldn’t get any place to call their own & got scattered all over India. They became refugee in there own country.

Since Partition we have come a long way. Due to our inheritance & through our hard work, we have become financially strong without any support from government. We Sindhis are less than one percent of total Population but we contribute 8% to the GDP of India. We may have achieved financial strength but can we claim that we are a truly empowered community? We may have been integrated in Indian Society but we can not claim that our community has become truly empowered. Sindhi community is a very adaptable & hard working community. Business is in their genes. Gaining financial strength has only given us comforts of life but it has not given us the respect that we deserve. In salutations of distress, strife & confrontation, we Sindhis always have to compromise irrespective of our being right as well as being the sufferer. We get Justice after lot of efforts if at all one tries to get, otherwise we leave as it is because we know who(people in power) will listen us.

We have very negligible representation in all the three wings of Indian Government e.g. Legislative, Bureaucracy & Judiciary. Till we don’t  gain enough representation in these three wings, we are not truly empowered. It is our vision to create a truly empowered society by ensuring the representation of Sindhis in above three wings of Government.


2 thoughts on “Our Vision “Empowerment”

  1. hmd says:

    Spiritually Sindhi belongs to Sindh. Had India opted for Ethnic divide as its primary guide line, Sindh would have remained a permanent, non-assailable home for all Sindhis. Partition between Hindu and Muslim Sindhi population would have still existed. But, that would have been just an internal matter of the Sindh. Our British educated leaders then wanted to sit on the vary seat that the English – the British sat and gave out sermons. For them the local sensitivities did not matter. They simply wanted to put their English education to good use. Lot and lot of people, if not the entire of people, consider the Independence of 1947 was the best thing to have happened to India. What that resulted in the process: Pan Indian Hindu Muslim divide, India Pakistan divide is considered as the most engaging thing of life. It has made the life worth living for them. India Pakistan matches are something always to add spice to life. With this kind of picture that our leaders have keenly drawn for us, Sindhis have absolutely no alternative but accept their permanent refugy status and grouse about their limiting positions in the Government and elsewhere. Fact of life is to do what spirit tells you to do. Corruption and materialism that what our leaders rely on to buy over the grouses, like they do in Kashmir, do not settle disputes if the spirit keeps on holding sway. Real life worth living is in being true to one’s spirit.

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    • Atul Rajpal says:

      The reply is well written but doesn’t have clarity.
      It is mixing too many issues. Ethnicity, religious divide, partition & the divide between English educated leaders & general populace. Please give clarity what actually you want to bring forth.

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