Bhagat Lavi S/O Kamal Bhagat, Ajmer

A Great Example of Preserving & Promotion of Sindhi Sindhi Culturee.

“Late Bhagat Kamal” Ajmer was known around the world for his “Sindhi Bhagat” Bhagat Kamal expired 1.5 yrs back because of food poisoning. 

Lavi Bhagat who used to accompany his father Kamal Bhagat during his programs at the age of 13 (Now 17 Yrs Old ) decided to continue “Bhagat” to Promote his father’s name &  followed his father’s foot step to contribute to the Growth & Prosperity of Sindhi Culturee.

“#Bhagat is a part of Sindhi Culture, a combination of Sindhi Folk Dance,Singing, Story & Drama” which was started long back in Sindh by Sindhi Saints “Bhagat Khotaram, Bhagat Sant Santram Das Saheb and carried by Bhagat Sant Kanwar Ram Saheb”

Sindh Jo Sirmor

            Bhagat Sant Kanwar Ram Saheb

Bhagat is the most important and integral part of Sindhi folk-art, a rich cultural heritage of the Sindhi community and widely acclaimed. There were once scores of these versatile artists in the countryside as well as in the urban pockets of Sind. However, after partition of the country this folk art is on the decline due to a variety of reasons, including the influence of electronic mass media and socio-economic compulsion. However, there are still a few prominent Bhagats who are dedicated and perform occasionally.

Today there are very few “Bhagats” left in India & Sindh.

I on behalf of Sindhi Community would like to Promote this Young “#Lavi #Bhagat” for contributing his life in preserving the Sindhi Culture & Old Art.


IAS Exam Strategy: Garima Lekhwani AIR136 ; 1st Attempt, CSE 2016. 

Optional Subject: Sociology; Medium: English

1) Before starting the preparation, you must analyze why you want to prepare for civil services in the first place ?

Considering the level of the competition and the investment (especially in terms of the time devoted) that this exam entails, you must assess beforehand whether the end goal could be achieved through another career path. This is my true belief that the spirit of public service and that alone should bring one here; reasons like respect, etc. are only secondary and could be earned elsewhere too. 

2) Hard work and intellect alone do not guarantee success here; 

What is more important is absolute relentlessness when it comes to facing this exam. Why I say this is because, every aspirant has to face many problems during this preparation; some of them will make you question your decision again and again. The catch here is to keep yourself together at such times and remind yourself everyday that you must keep fighting. 

3) Consistency is the key to success in this exam. 

I have seen many brilliant candidates who are unable to clear this exam. This is because they are not able to sustain their preparation levels over a long period of time. And this again is linked to the previous point- developing a frame of mind that doesn’t let you become complacent.

4) If there is one single tip that I had to give aspirants, it would be;

To not consider this exam as the end of life. I made this mistake and had to face grave consequences in terms of health issues and other problems. Stress management is highly essential- for this I would recommend finding time for meditation, physical exercise or any other recreational activities on a daily basis. 

5) Developing a strategy is very important and let me tell you this- 

You may listen to everyone else’s but develop your own! Every person has a different style of approaching this exam- do not try to follow something just because your peers are doing it, try to approach this exam logically and keeping your own competencies in mind, prepare a plan that can help you slay this exam.

6) Keeping a back up plan will always help. 

Although this was my first attempt, yet I had a back up ready. Why i say this because this exam is highly unpredictable and to ensure that your career is not stalled because of one exam. This is especially important for those who may be easily affected by societal/peer pressures and want a safety net to be able to study well. 

7) Another aspect that helps is staying away from social media and other such distractions during the course of this preparation. This would help you save a lot of time and help you focus more. 

8) Lastly, please remember that YOU ARE ABOVE THIS EXAM. 

Success here doesn’t determine your capability or talent. There are many factors that must fall into place to be able to clear this exam. If not here, there are various streams in life that you may find success and joy in. 

My best wishes are with everyone who is reading this. Many thanks! 
Garima Lekhwani

Article Published by Sumit Manglani